Q. Have apartments in Oklahoma, I provide tenants with Cable TV from previous contract in place. Too expensive! I must cancel and/or switch. and /or downgrade to Basic tier. Are monopoly cable companies require to provide basic service to apartments at no cost? Any other hints to lower cable cost? Thank you!
A. No private business is required to provide free service. Cable businesses are regulated and must offer service in their stated area, but not at their own expense. Best to search for a service provider that can offer you a bundled package including basic cable and internet. The decision point should rest on reliability and the costs per unit as your fixed expense will be the same whether every unit is occupied or not.
David // 16-Jun-11

Q. I am working a property management firm as a paralegal this company been in existence since 1927 Lazarus Realty Services, LLC in Ocean township, NJ. I am trying to find new clients for the company. Where do I get a list of Multi-units owners or strip center owners, office building owners in NJ. This will help me keep my job so they do not have to downsize I would like to bring in new clients. Is there a webiste to go on and post and ad that owners will see.
A. Start with Linkedin and join groups with property owners in your area. Second, join the local Apartment Owners Association. Next, join the local Chamber. Buying a list or looking in the public records will only get you names and addresses - not personal contacts! Your best source of new customers is your existing customers. Call on them and see if they have any additional assets you can manage and/or if they can refer you to other owners they know.
catalina // 25-May-11