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In the world of multifamily acquisition, property management and finance, questions can be very specific.  The basic "one size fits all" premise of the typical "frequently asked questions" doesn't always fit your particular situation. As a matter of fact, we would hazard to guess that these "answers" rarely fit any given situation.

If you have a specific question that's consistent with the acquisition, management and/or financing of multifamily properties - please feel free to ask it.  We'll respond to you question shortly.  Keep in mind that this is not an automated system - your question will be answered by a real, live human being, and it may take some time (generally a couple of days or less). 

And, a couple of notes regarding the questions and answers. First, this service is intended to be informational only and should not be construed as providing legal, financial or accounting advice. We encourage you to seek professional counsel before acting on any information contained on this site. Finally, we will respond only to questions dealing with the acquisition, financing and management of multifamily properties.  Don't bother wasting out time, and your's, asking us about the meaning of life or why pigs have curly tails.

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